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Contact me, I would love to hear from you: wiederholt8(at)yahoo(dot)com

All items on this website are written by me, Clinton Wiederholt, all custom cards are put together by me as well. Many of the design are from existing cards and I do not claim to take credit for them, they are simply a tribute to them. I do have several of my own designs on this site as well. The photographs are largely taken from other places and are intended as a tribute as well. I do not take credit for any photos on this site except where noted. If there are any issues with photographs or designs please notify me and I will get it rectified.

This blog is intended as a jumping off point for several projects I have in mind. It’s name comes from the title of a webcomic that will probably never happen. It is also an outlet for a project of mine where I make custom baseball/football cards because I am a nerd.

My name is Clint Wiederholt, I am a sign designer from St. Joseph, MO. Due to proximity I am a die-hard Kansas City Royals and Chiefs fan which will be obvious from viewing this blog. I am big into music as well which is something that is sure to pop up at some point on the site. I don’t play it; I just listen to it.

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Posted December 12, 2010 by VocalsOnTop

6 responses to “About “A Hair Off Square”

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  1. Hi – I enjoyed your Ike Reilly post as I am also a big fan. I’ve been preaching the gospel converting the masses 1 person at a time!!

    I have a copy of the Community 9 and can send you a copy if you would like. I figure it is OK to do since it is out of print and Ike pretty much ignores it.


  2. Hey Joe,

    I’m glad to get feedback on the site, I hope it is informative and somebody likes to read some of the articles I post. I’m always on the lookout for Community #9.

  3. Clint, Thanks for your interest in Mustang baseball. One of my five sons, Kris, is playing first base this year. You might be intersested to know that Kris was born in Kansas City, Missouri while I was in medical school at KU. Kris’ great grandfather, Karl Koerper, was the president of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce back in the 1950’s. He has deep family roots in Missouri going back to the early 1800’s. He is really enjoying being in St. Joe. Thanks, Karl Koerper

  4. Karl, thanks for checking out the site. It looks like Kris will get a few mentions on the my site this year. I think he will figure big in the Mustangs offense. He has big shoes to fill; last year the Mustangs first baseman was an absolute monster at the plate (Johnny Coy.)

    It looks like Kris has the power to fill the void. He made a believer out of me when he clobbered a home run deep over the center field fence last week. From what I have seen so far I think Kris is an upgrade defensively too. I look forward to seeing him play this year.

  5. Clint, I have been seeing your baseball cards pop up in the St.Joseph Mustangs news feed via Facebook. They are great to look at and I am sure the families of these boys appreciate them as well! You really should try and work with the Mustangs staff to get those into print ~ they would be great for autographs/giveaways during the season! My husband, Matt Johnson, is the manager of the team and I am DEFINITELY going to show him the site! Thanks for helping promote the Mustangs!
    Brenda Johnson

  6. Brenda, Thank you very much. I have prodded GM Rick Munteen about getting a set of cards made. I think they would be a hot seller in the gift shop too. Hopefully next year we can get some baseball cards of the Mustangs available. I’d be happy to design them for free for the team. If they could get a sponsor to help with the printing costs I think it could happen.

    I have known Matt since his days as a coach at Northwest, he has done a great job with the team, it is hard to even imagine the Mustangs without him.

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