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2011 Topps Greg Holland autographed custom card   Leave a comment

Autographed Greg Holland 2011 Topps custom card

Danny Duffy 2011 Topps custom card autograph   2 comments

Danny Duffy 2011 Spring Training custom card Autograph

This is my Danny Duffy from my 2011 Topps Spring Training set. At the time he wasn’t on the Royals yet but he turned out to be a big part of the team late in the season. The Royals Caravan came through town last weekend and I saw it as a good opportunity to get one of my custom cards signed. Very cool by the way. Duffy’s comment about the card: “I haven’t seen this one before, I look mad!”

Manny Pina to get the call to the big leagues   Leave a comment

Manny Pina 2011 Topps custom cardRoyals Futures Game Manny Pina

It’s funny how baseball works sometimes. It appears that all in the same week Manny Pina will get demoted to AA Northwest Arkansas from the AAA Omaha Storm Chasers and now be called up to the Kansas City Royals. Matt Treanor got hammered in a collision at home plate in Cleveland and was almost immediately put on the 7 day disabled list meaning the Royals needed a second catcher.

Manny Pina reportedly left his AA game in Springfield minutes later indicating that he was trying to catch a plane to Cleveland for the series finale between the Royals and Indians. I’m excited to see him at the big league level even though it appears Salvador Perez has passed him in the chain of players ready for the Royals at the catcher position. Pina is already on the 40 man roster so it makes perfect sense that he will be joining the team.

2011 Topps Spring Training: Will Smith   Leave a comment

Will Smith 2011 ToppsWill Smith’s no-hitter on Tuesday made me dig out this card I made this spring training. At that time I really thought that either Everett Teaford or Will Smith were going to make the opening day roster.

2011 Topps Mike Moustakas custom card   4 comments

Mike Moustakas 2011 ToppsRoyals top prospect Mike Moustakas got the call and will make his major league debut tonight in California. I have to be honest, I really thought that it would be September before Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer both were in the Kansas City lineup. I am happy, this adds excitement to the Royals who realistically haven’t been exciting for a very long time.

This card of Moustakas is from my spring training custom set. The call-up actually means that Mike Moustakas will have a real card in the Topps update set this year! That doesn’t come out until September-October but I can’t wait to try to pull a Hosmer or Moustakas rookie card out of the set.

Everybody is throwing out predictions for Moustakas’ first game, here is mine: 1-3 2B, RBI, 1 BB, 1K.

2011 Topps Patrick Keating custom card   2 comments

Patrick Keating 2011 ToppsThis is the final card of my 2011 Topps spring training Royals set. Patrick Keating is just another great arm in the Royals organization. I believe he is currently in AA Northwest Arkansas. He is a rarity in the Royals organization in the fact that he is right handed. The system is full of left handed pitchers and a couple righties will have to be in the rotation as well. This could mean a future spot for guys like Hochevar, Aaron Crow and Patrick Keating.

This set is now done and I am moving on to my next project; my first original custom set. I will start posting the cards soon.

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2011 Topps Matt Treanor   3 comments

Matt Treanor 2011 ToppsI really like Matt Treanor after watching him play a few games for the Royals. Would I want him to catch every day for the Royals? Probably not. He does appear to be a great guy to have on the club. I really wanted to see Lucas May get a shot to platoon with Brayan Pena to start the year though. Instead May is at AAA Omaha and the Royals had to risk losing him in order to add Treanor.

Treanor is a light hitting defensive catcher. He was drafted way back in 1994, by the Royals ironically enough. He spent ten seasons in the minor leagues before ever getting to the show. The Royals wanted a veteran catcher to catch the younger starters in the rotation so they purchased Treanor’s contract. He was in spring training camp in a Royals uniform for two games before starting on opening day. I was extrememly glad to add him to my spring training set and he is the entire reason for my “update” set. The update set is almost over, there will be no more, I promise, after tomorrow. I will post the last card then.

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2011 Topps Jamie Romack   Leave a comment

Jamie Romak 2011 Topps

Jamie Romak can hit. He is a typical first baseman. He’s got pop and isn’t a great defender. I saw him take one out of the park in the futures game on April 2nd at Kauffman Stadium. Romak is in an unfortunate position however. He appears to have four high quality players/prospects ahead of him in the same organization.

The Royals have Billy Butler and Kila Ka’aihue and the Omaha Storm Chasers at AAA have Eric Hosmer and Clint Robinson who are both great hitting prospects. Romak is at AA Northwest Arkansas Naturals and looks to be fifth in line to play first base in the near future in Kansas City. Who knows what could happen, injuries, trades, players moving positions but there appears to be a ton of road blocks in front of Jamie Romak.

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2011 Topps Derrick Robinson   Leave a comment

Derrick Robinson 2011 ToppsDerrick Robinson is fast. He is a speedy guy and from what I have seen, which isn’t very much, he seems to be similar to Jarrod Dyson. Dyson has been great so far for the Royals as a pinch runner. I really like having the speed element on a team. The only upside for Robinson over Dyson may be that he might be a better pure base stealer and hopefully develops into a better hitter than Dyson projects to be.

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2011 Topps Jesse Chavez   Leave a comment

Jesse Chavez 2011 ToppsJesse Chavez is a relief pitcher that is currently with the Omaha Storm Chasers. Chavez is young but is no longer a rookie. He had a good season for Pittsburgh a couple years ago in the majors but hasn’t been able to match his success with the Royals. Chavez is not a pitcher that I am excited to see come out of the bullpen for the Royals. I think there is a strong likelihood he will fill in and could even be the first call up for a short relief role but I would rather see Blake Wood or one of the rookies come up instead.

This Chavez card is a great picture. It is reminiscent of Greinke’s Sports Illustrated cover. The picture doesn’t really fit with my spring training set but the Chavez card is nice addition to the set in itself.

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