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1980 Topps Royals: Pitchers; Soria, Meche, Tejada…   1 comment

Here are the rest of the pitchers. It’s a shame that Soria gets lumped in with Greg Holland and Phillip Humbar but I wanted to finish posting these and start getting other cards up. I only have one to post from this set, Ned Yost. Saving the best for last I guess. I will post it along with my three favorite cards from the set.

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1980 Topps Royals Starting Pitchers: Greinke, Hochevar, O’Sullivan, Davies   Leave a comment

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1980 Topps Royals: Mitch Maier, Jarrod Dyson and Gregor Blanco   Leave a comment

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1980 Topps Royals: Wilson Betemit, Alex Gordon, Mike Moustakas   Leave a comment

Three more from the set. Gordon goes up again here with the third basemen. Rest of the the outfielders to follow.

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1980 Topps Royals: Middle Infield, Mike Aviles, Chris Getz, Yuniesky Betancourt   Leave a comment

On this post I should talk a bit about pictures. I try to get pictures I like and think are cool. I also try to get odd pictures that are memorable. This criteria will suffer from lack of selection, especially on players like Chris Getz who are difficult to find cards of. This Chris Getz picture is great, I think all three of these are phenomenal pictures. I will pick my favorites from the set after they are all posted.

I posted the middle infielders as well as the first basemen today because I printed the cards today and are really happy with the way they look. I cut them to card size, 3.5” x 2.5”, and put them in my card album. They don’t have backs but I put them back to back in the binder so you don’t notice. All together I came up with 27 cards. The 27th being Manager Ned Yost because I wanted to keep the set in multiples of 9 so they would fit nicely in binder pages.

I printed them on a nice thick cardstock so they have the feel of a baseball card which I think really helps in the illusion of imagining it is a real set. I will get a couple more groups of cards up tomorrow to try to get the whole set on the site. That will push me to move on to the next set I make. I have made several templates including 92 Fleer, 84 Donruss, 81 Topps football, 71 Topps, 77 topps and couple years from the 60s too. I could easily make a set of any of designs.

I am not going to make Royals sets for each one. I imagine a whole Chiefs set can’t be far off. I also have a couple of my favorite players that will make an appearance soon.  I will probably do a few “concept” sets as well. The one I have been thinking of doing is picking a card design and trying to make a set of all Royals Catchers or something along those lines.

I am going to make a concious effort to do cards other than Royals and Chiefs but I just won’t be too excited about making cards of Derek Jeter of some other hated player.

In fact: right now as the blog is only a few days old I am going to install a “NO YANKEES” policy. No Yankee custom cards will appear on this site unless it is something like a Yankee giving up Damon’s grand slam or Luis Gonzalez’s walk off hit in the world series. The first rule of custom card club is the Yankees suck!

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1980 Topps Royals First Basemen: Billy Butler, Kila Ka’aihue and Eric Hosmer   Leave a comment

The Royals have potential to have a logjam at first base in the near future. Butler, Ka’aihue and Hosmer are the three closest right now.  Here they are 1980 Topps style.

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1980 Topps Royals: Catchers   Leave a comment

Here is the Royals catchers for the 1980 set. It should be interesting to see what happens at catcher for the Royals after Kendall is done with the team in 2011. One of the many uncertain positions in KC. There is hope for the future.

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Alex Gordon 1980 Topps   2 comments

Alex Gordon 1980 Topps custom card

I have decided to post a custom card on the blog to show what I’m working on. I am starting with Alex Gordon the hope of the Royals who has yet to give the Royals a lot of hope. Nonetheless, he may be one of the better players on a bad team. But I digress.

I have done the entire Royals team with the 1980 card design. This is just the first post of one. First of all let me just say to any card enthusiasts that I know; 1980 Topps had no sideways cards. Look how nice they may have been if they would have done it.

A note on the making of the cards: I use a template I make in Illustrator of an original card from the 1980 set. I vectorize all the graphics on the card and match all fonts as close as I can so I make them live. Once the template is made; I just crop a photo in Photoshop and drop it into the template. Once the first card is made the rest go really quickly.

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