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Alex Gordon 1980 Topps custom card

I have decided to post a custom card on the blog to show what I’m working on. I am starting with Alex Gordon the hope of the Royals who has yet to give the Royals a lot of hope. Nonetheless, he may be one of the better players on a bad team. But I digress.

I have done the entire Royals team with the 1980 card design. This is just the first post of one. First of all let me just say to any card enthusiasts that I know; 1980 Topps had no sideways cards. Look how nice they may have been if they would have done it.

A note on the making of the cards: I use a template I make in Illustrator of an original card from the 1980 set. I vectorize all the graphics on the card and match all fonts as close as I can so I make them live. Once the template is made; I just crop a photo in Photoshop and drop it into the template. Once the first card is made the rest go really quickly.

Posted December 12, 2010 by VocalsOnTop in 1980 Topps Royals set

2 responses to “Alex Gordon 1980 Topps

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  1. Very nice!

  2. A great picture of Alex, it really fit the design of the card well.

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