1981 Topps Matt Cassel custom card   Leave a comment

Matt Cassel, quarterback for the Chiefs, custom 1981 Topps card

1981 Topps was just a year I chose at random. I wanted to do a football card and since the Chiefs showed how valuable Matt Cassel is on Sunday in San Diego(31-0) I thought I would do a card of him.

1981 Topps is of course best known for being Joe Montana’s rookie card. Until I re-created the card, I never realized how intricate the design actually is. I especially like the way to Topps logo is integrated into the card design (see top right corner.) I can’t say I am too fond of the flagpole in the bottom left hand corner however. I think it might have worked better without that totally.  Overall the card design has nice colors and has a nice clean look to it. I think the picture really fits well with the card design as well. As my first football card design, I am very pleased with it.

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