The George Brett Card That Never Was…   2 comments

1993 Donruss was a great looking set; nice white border, simple design, nice pictures, full color team what was missing? How about a George Brett card?

The 1993 Donruss set contained a whopping 792 cards and 28 Kansas City Royals cards, but did not feature the Hall of Fame Royals legend. The set would have came out after the 1992 baseball season, admittingly a down season for Brett; he batted .285 with 7 homers and 61 RBIs, for Brett’s standards anyway. He even played the next season so I see no good reason Brett wasn’t in the set. Donruss even made a card of him the next year in 1994.

To try to rectify the situation I have made a custom card for George Brett for the 1993 Donruss set.


George Brett 1993 Donruss

The missing George Brett 1993 Donruss card.

Posted December 18, 2010 by VocalsOnTop in Random Royals

2 responses to “The George Brett Card That Never Was…

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  1. You don’t need a custom card. He was one of the 22 preview cards. Which makes it even odder that he wasn’t in the regular set

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