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Alright, in my last post I mentioned Alex Gordon’s 2011 Topps card of him playing third base. I have posted a picture of it here along with a version I made of him playing the position listed on the card. The real card is pictured on the right and my custom card is pictured on the left. My card has a picture of Gordon from spring training this year. I could get a nice picture from last year but I am thinking of composing an entire set of 2011 Topps Royals cards containing nothing but spring training pictures.

Alex Gordon 2011 Topps

Alex Gordon's 2011 Topps custom card with a picture from spring training

2011 Topps Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon's actual 2011 Topps card














At this point I will point out some of the subtle differences between my card and the actual card. Some are quite obvious, the silver foil being the most obvious. Also as a quick list: I made my blues lighter, I put the position in a different color, the baseball behind the logo is different, I have a thin white border around my Royals logo. Alright, those are the big ones, I have reasons for all of these changes that are justified and boring so I won’t go on about it here. Instead I’ll explain how I build the cards briefly.

I think I could more closely replicate the actual cards if I used Photoshop. I could edit out the existing picture and keep the look of the original card. The reason I don’t do this is I want every thing to be vector artwork except the actual picture. This means I re-create every nuance of the card. It does give my cards a little more of a 2-D look but I think they are still a very fair representation of the original.

I will try to post a new 2011 Topps Royals card each day until Opening Day, It could become challenging but it should be a nice looking set when I’m done.

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