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Kila Kaaihue 2011 ToppsIt is not far fetched to believe that Ka’ahue could have a breakout season this year. It will be his first full season in the Major Leagues. He has been great in the minors but has had a few struggles making that big league success. He has a chance to big year, he is ready and it may be now or never. The Royals seem to have a potential logjam at first base. This could mean if Ka’ahue doesn’t perform he may the person that has to move.

The logjam pretty much involves four players; Billy Butler, Kila Ka’ahue, Eric Hosmer and Clint Robinson. Hosmer and Robinson aren’t ready yet but they aren’t far away considering how young Butler and Ka’ahue are. The Royals can DH one of these guys, which seems to be the plan in 2011, but to have a third first baseman on the roster doesn’t make any sense. I would think baring a major setback Hosmer should be ready to play every day in the big leagues next year at this time. This means Ka’ahue has this year to perform. There is a chance the Royals could move Butler but it is hard to see that happening.

What kind of year would Ka’ahue have to have to be on the opening day roster next year if Hosmer is ready? I’m not really sure but my money is on Ka’ahue getting moved at the deadline this year or next offseason, which is a shame but may be something that just has to be done.

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