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Mike Aviles 2011 ToppsI listened to a recent Broken Bat Single podcast featuring an article on beyond the boxscore that made an interesting argument. It was discussed that basically Billy Butler is a microcosm of the Royals. While by no means to I feel this is inaccurate, I would substitute another player, Mike Aviles, to replace Butler in the argument.

Aviles burst onto the scene as a surprise and made a major contribution in his rookie season in the big leagues. From what I had gathered during that year, Aviles really didn’t have a ton of big league potential. He was sort of tagged as a “career Minor Leaguer.”

Now Aviles seems to be a cornerstone for the Royals, not necessarily in a way that they can build around him but they can rely on him. The Royals didn’t seem to have many of these players in recent years. A couple names do come to mind: Dejesus, Butler, Aviles. At least with some players you know what you are getting.

Aviles is a microcosm of the Royals because not much was expected out of him. Is he a superstar? No. Is he a star? No. He is consistent and solid. Low expectations and slightly higher results I guess is the bottom line. That is your microcosm of the Kansas City Royals.

Posted March 11, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in 2011 Topps Royals

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