2011 Topps Eric Hosmer and Clint Robinson   2 comments

Eric Hosmer 2011 ToppsHere are a couple rookies that are hitting like they would really like to be on the Royals this year. The problem is that the Royals have two major league first basemen already. There is a lot of talk about Eric Hosmer but people tend to overlook Clint Robinson who just won the double-A triple crown in his league. Both guys have pounded the ball this spring and have looked great.

Clint Robinson is already assigned to the minors, chances are Hosmer’s fate will be the same. I think both could see Kansas City this year but it depends on a couple things. First, as I have said their is a logjam at first base and something has to give. One of three things need to happen; somebody gets traded, somebody gets hurt or somebody switches positions. The switch of positions is the most likely option within the Royals control. They don’t really want to trade any of these guys I feel.

Either way I want to see them play, all of them, somehow.

Another factor to consider here is defense. Butler has worked hard and is fair defensively but will likely spend a lot more time at designated hitter than anywhere else. Kila is better than Butler and should see the field a lot this year. Hosmer is very good and probably the best of the bunch. Clint Robinson sounds like he is the weakest of the group, he is also the second oldest in the group. He would be a candidate to move but what do you do with a guy who isn’t great defensively at first? That is usually where people get moved to not from.


Clint Robinson 2011 Topps

Could Hosmer be moved to the outfield? I don’t think so. I would say the most likely scenario is that Clint Robinson goes to the outfield I guess but that doesn’t seem like a great option at this point. I am anxious to see what happens here. I will predict two things though; Butler stays and Hosmer stays. Robinson and Kila could be traded, even if it isn’t likely they could.


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2 responses to “2011 Topps Eric Hosmer and Clint Robinson

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  1. Clint Robinson can’t play outfield; Hosmer likely can, though. I think the Royals would happily trade Robinson, given the right offer.

  2. Your right tbr, I am just hopeful to see Robinson’s bat in the lineup. If they move Hosmer to the outfield I hope they do it fast so they don’t set him back by doing so.

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