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Mike Moustakas 2011 ToppsA lot has been said about Mike Moustakas so I don’t feel I have to say much. It looks like he is going be really good. I will say that while he is a year ahead of Eric Hosmer, I believe Hosmer had a better spring. Hosmer hit a couple homers and always seemed to be hammering the ball. This isn’t to say that Moustakas had a bad spring because he didn’t. He looked like a guy that was almost “there.”

The general  consensus is that Mike Moustakas will be playing in Kansas City in June. That is exciting, the prospects are getting really close now. Even Eric Hosmer could be getting some playing time in Kansas City but I actually think he won’t. My prediction is that Kila Ka’aihue will have a very good season. Once this becomes apparent to the Royals, Hosmer will become an outfielder. Moustakas of course doesn’t have any roadblocks like Hosmer does. Third base is being “held” for him until he is ready.


I know that this is really stretching at this point but it is hard not to think of the potential lineup that the Royals could have in as little as two years. So here is a rough outline, and it isn’t even putting Alex Gordon in the mix who hasn’t had a ton of big league success but is still very young and has time to turn it around.

1 Lorenzo Cain/Jarrod Dyson CF

2 Wil Myers LF

3 Eric Hosmer RF

4 Kila Ka’aihue 1B

5 Billy Butler DH

6 Mike Moustakas 3B

7 Christian Colon 2B

8 Salvador Perez C

9 Alcides Escobar SS

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