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This is a cleaning of the closet of sorts for my spring training Royals set. I had four cards left to post counting these three entering the day. These were the “extras.” Not to say they are especially bad, I just never fit them in.

First there is Will Smith. He entered camp as a left handed relief pitcher and was an early pick by me to make the club. Unfortunately he never performed well enough to even get an extended look. He was sent to minor league camp before minor league camp even began I believe. He is another good left handed arm in the Royals system that we could see in the bullpen in the future.

Pedro Feliz was a bit of a mystery to me. In past years a player of Feliz’s caliber would have had a shot at the team but this year was a real long shot. He is a veteran player past his prime. He has some power but didn’t really fit with what the Royals are going for this year. He would have been a player much more along the lines of Melky Cabrera or Jeff Francoeur because he is experience but his stock is currently low. Also third base had some really respective candidates in Royals camp. Mike Aviles won the job, behind him, utilityman Wilson Betemit is best at third and entering camp there was an outside shot that Mike Moustakas could make the club. Overall, Feliz just didn’t perform well enough to force anybody off the roster and was released at the end of spring.

Ned Yost enters his first full year as Royals skipper in 2011. I like him with the young club and think he will do a respectable job but will have a lot of losses ahead of him before he can return Kansas City to the playoffs. What I want to talk about however are cards of managers. I always despise getting them in a pack and if I were ever to make a full card set, it would not include manager cards. I put Yost in my spring training set simply because it was convenient.

I mentioned I had four cards left, this is three so one more will be in my next post. I will just say that he will always be the Mexicutioner to me.

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