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Joaquin Arias 2011 ToppsEvery year Topps puts out an update set to fill in the blanks that they missed for various reasons in previous releases. It just happened to work out that I will have my version of an update set as well. I finished with my spring training Royals set for the 2011 season the day before opening day with Joakim Soria, or so I thought at the time.

I felt as if I had one glaring hole in my spring training set, Royals opening day starting catcher Matt Treanor. Following my own rules I set for myself I couldn’t find a picture. My rules were based around the fact that the players had to be wearing spring training uniforms. You can tell the spring uniforms by the white stripe on the sides of the players jerseys. Treanor joined the club with just two games left in spring training so there were no pictures of him. As it happens, I was able to find a gallery of pictures from the day in between spring training and opening day and they were wearing the spring uniforms. So I felt this qualified.

So Matt Treanor was among these pictures and my update set was born. I plan on posting one per day like I did during spring training while I prepare my next project. It will consist of eight cards. On top of my 47 card base set, this will equal a 55 card Royals set. There are still holes I can think of but they are extremely minor.

Here is the first card of the update set, Joaquin Arias. I’m not sure what happened to Arias but I know he didn’t make the team. He had spent some time with the Rangers in the past and I imagine his days with the Royals are done as well unless he is willing to play in a crowded minor league system.

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