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Atlanta Braves Derek LoweDerek Lowe has been around a while. He is not an “ace” type of pitcher but has been consistent and reliable over the years. Lowe was of course a Red Sox and a Dodger which brings me to my lasting memory of his career. He was a member of the first Red Sox championship team in around a century and went to LA the next season. On a Dodger off-day, he traveled to Boston for a ring ceremony for the championship. He walks onto the field at Fenway Park wearing a Red Sox jersey! He was a Dodger at the time. This caused quite a stir. Many people panned Lowe’s loyalty to his current team. I wasn’t one of them. I thought it was a great and bold thing to do. In my mind, that is Derek Lowe’s legacy.

Posted April 15, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Just Fair '11

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