Just Fair 2011; David Dejesus, Rick Ankiel and Yuniesky Betancourt   Leave a comment

Brewers Yuniesky Betancourt custom cardAthletics David Dejesus Just Fair 2011

Nationals Rick Ankiel Just Fair 2011

Former Royals today; One I miss, one I don’t and seeing one in another uniform makes me do the happy dance. I’ll simplify this, I will always like David Dejesus and I will call it right now, he will be a Royal again someday. I would love to see him as a veteran fourth outfielder in about five years as the Royals are making a playoff run. A man can dream can’t he?

I don’t miss Rick Ankiel. He was pretty much a dick when he was in KC. He was an ok player but he had less than 100 at bats as a Royal and spent more time on the DL than in the outfield. Now to the good one: Yuniesky Betancourt is a Milwaukee Brewer. I couldn’t stand seeing him come up in a key situation with a man on third and less than two outs and swing at a bunch of junk above his eyeballs. Alcides Escobar can hit .222 all year if he plays defense like he has; I don’t miss Yuni’s bat at all.

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