2011 Just Fair: Eric Hosmer   3 comments

Royals Eric Hosmer Just Fair custom cardWow, so this is really happening. Eric Hosmer is coming to Kansas City. He has been hammering the ball in Omaha and Kila has been far from impressive in Kansas City so they have switched spots for now. This call-up is one of the most exciting events in recent Royals history.

I think Eric Hosmer is ready to play in the major leagues. I am less sure than I was that Kila Ka’aihue was ready though. Can Hosmer do a whole lot worse that Kila though? Probably not statistically. The other side of the coin is what we need to consider. What if Hosmer does match what Kila has done so far. Will Royals fans be calling for him to go to Omaha too?

The long term effects of the possibility of Hosmer failing are unknown. It is a strong possibility though, the Major Leagues are filled with much better players than at Triple-A; just ask Kila Ka’aihue. If Hosmer does good it could be a tremendous boost to the Kansas City Royals this year. He is not however adressing their main need; starting pitching.

If the Royals called up Eric Hosmer in an attempt to contend for a division title this year the starting pitching needs some help too. I think he will help the offense, with that said, it was the wrong call-up in my opinion.

The Omaha Storm Chasers had two first basemen doing well this year. Clint Robinson has major power and has crushed eight Home Runs this year. He could easily be the odd man out if Hosmer does well. Since the call-up of Eric Hosmer I am officially catorgorizing Clint Robinson as trade bait. Maybe we can get some starting pitching out of him.

Much has been said of how young this Royals team is. I think the greatest advantage of that is that maybe these young guys aren’t expecting to lose as Royals of the last about 20 years have. They might not know how to win yet but they don’t know how to lose either. Is this a push toward the playoffs in Kansas City? Why not? Let’s go for it, the AL Central is really weak and who knows what could happen. That being said; starting pitching needs fixed. Kyle Davies should be a bullpen guy in my opinion and Sean O’Sullivan is likely no better than a spot starter. You can’t convince me that Bruce Chen will continue to pitch well the rest of the year and Luke Hochevar and Jeff Francis are mid to end of the rotation guys. How’s that for a reality check?

All this being said(I know I am all over the place on this post); I am excited as hell about this. What is attendance going to be like for this weekend series against Oakland? It could be huge! See you at the K!

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3 responses to “2011 Just Fair: Eric Hosmer

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  1. Completely agreed with you! And I heard it hear first on your blog, for what it’s worth.

    Very surprised it was Hosmer over Robinson but excited to see what he can do. But I hope GMDM doesn’t get trigger happy with the kids.

  2. hear=here

  3. That is actually very cool you heard on my site, I hope I am credible enough that you believed me. The bad part is you are losing Hosmer from the Storm Chasers, hopefully he won’t be back though.

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