2011 Just Fair: Who the heck is Pete Orr?   2 comments

Just Fair 2011 Phillies Pete Orr cutom cardA request! Jim at The Phillies Room, who I have posted about before, asked me if I could do a Pete Orr custom card for him. I was more than happy to do it. A big part of my fuel to do custom cards comes from the other people on the web doing custom cards, namely Goose Joak, CSD and The Phillies Room among others.

The request was Pete Orr. So who the heck is Pete Orr? He is a utility infielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. He is not a young guy, a Canadian who first played with the Braves in 2005 and is in his first season with the Phillies. He is getting more field time thanks to an injury to superstar Chase Utley. This is the exact reason teams love guys like Pete Orr. The most interesting thing about Pete Orr? He has hit exactly .253 in 3 of 5 Major League seasons.

This is also why I really like custom cards. I can spotlight a guy like Pete Orr, normally he wouldn’t even get a card unless it is in a very large set. I don’t know if Topps will even have a Pete Orr card this year. It looks like he had card in 2006, 2007 and 2008 but apparently has missed the honor the last two seasons. We will just have to see about 2011.

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2 responses to “2011 Just Fair: Who the heck is Pete Orr?

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  1. Awesome! Thanks again and I’ve shared this card and your Cliff Lee creation on my blog.

  2. Anytime you want to post on your site, feel free, no need to even ask.

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