36 Greatest Royals: Paul Splittorff   2 comments

Royals Greats Paul Splittorff custom cardIt seems like a very appropriate day to pay tribute to Paul Splittorff. News of his current health is not good. He was a great pitcher for many years with the Royals and continued to be active in the Royals organization. I always really enjoyed Splitt as a commentator, he was very insightful but it looks like his broadcasting days are officially behind him now.

This is the first “Royals Greats” tribute card I have posted. This is actually my very favorite from the whole set too. It is an original design that I wanted to be very flat and simple. I wanted to come up with something that had a 1970’s-1980’s feel to it. I did 36 cards of the 36 greatest Royals in my opinion. I will start posting them occasionally.

Posted May 16, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in 36 Greatest Royals

2 responses to “36 Greatest Royals: Paul Splittorff

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  1. Very nice looking card! I like the Danks above too.

  2. Those old pictures are really hard to come by, that Splittorff was one of the best I found.

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