Mike Moustakas 2011 Royals Futures Game custom card   Leave a comment

Royals Futures Game Mike MoustakasMany times I feel like I post things on my site too quickly and people don’t have a chance to find them. I like keeping up a high turnover on the site so there is something new hopefully almost every time a visitor comes to my site. Because of this I feel like some of my cards get overlooked.

I dug out this Mike Moustakas card to post today because lets face it, everything is about Mike Moustakas right now. I have done this a couple times so far I might make it a regular feature, call it “flashback” or “In Case You Missed It.”

This card of Moose is from the Royals futures game on April 2nd 2011 at Kauffman Stadium. I attended the game an was likely more excited for it than any Royals game in a very long time. I made a complete set to commemorate the game. It is another original design, I will re-post several of these in the coming weeks.

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