Custom Card of the Day: Jeff Karstens 1999 Topps   7 comments

Jeff Karstens 1999 Topps custom cardI just posted a 1999 Topps card of Jair Jurrjens yesterday and now I’m posting the same year of the guy who is 2nd in ERA in the NL, Jeff Karstens. The Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher is under the radar because…well…he’s a Pittsburgh Pirate. The Pirates are contending! This guy must be helping a lot. In his last 9 starts he has given up 2 or more earned runs 2 times. 2 times in 9 games? That’s insane. He posted an ERA just under 5.00 last year and now he is currently locked in with a 2.28 ERA. He must have figured something out this offseason. This great for the Pittsburgh Pirates and players like this are great for major league baseball as well.

7 responses to “Custom Card of the Day: Jeff Karstens 1999 Topps

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  1. Karstens is one of my favorite Pirates. To think he used to be a Yankee!

  2. Yeah, I just read he came over with McCutchen in a deadline deal for Nady. Horrible deal for the Yankees; you gotta love that. The article also said that possibly the best player in the deal is still on his way. I am very excited about the Pirates right now.

  3. I didn’t know McCutchen was a part of that trade, too. HORRIBLE trade by the Yankees… I love it!

  4. Just to be clear it was Dan McCutchen the relief pitcher, not Andrew the outfielder as I originally thought.

  5. This card looks better than the actual cards from the actual set.

  6. They had great photography, though. Just a lackluster design. Stupid gold foil fetish.

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