2011 Major Leage Debut: Salvador Perez   Leave a comment

Major League Debut Salvador Perez Custom CardSalvador Perez got a surprising call to the major leagues and made his debut on August 10, 2011 against the Tampa Bay Rays. The game might forever be known for what happened in the 9th inning but it really doesn’t matter all that much.

Perez collected his first major league hit in a 1-3 effort at the plate that included a sacrifice fly that resulted in his first career RBI. His biggest contribution came with the catcher’s gear on. He picked off two base runners wandering too far off base after pitches. One of which was the tying run on third base at the time. One was at first and one was at third base and it should also be mentioned that he narrowly missed a pick-off on second base as well.

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