Billy Butler is now #CountryBreakfast   4 comments

Billy Butler Country BreakfastAlright, I can’t hold out anymore. Billy Butler shall now be known as #CountryBreakfast. So get on twitter and write something about the Royals and tag it #CountryBreakfast.

4 responses to “Billy Butler is now #CountryBreakfast

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  2. Thanks, I like it but don’t quite think I nailed it. I was going for a superhero type look for the #countrybreakfast. I had to get to a concert and I wanted it posted so I walked away from it. I wanted everything to be plain and simple except the #countrybreakfast, I think I did a good job at that.

  3. Without the hashtag, that would make a nice base set design.

  4. Yeah, its weird, I was trying to be plain and boring with the design but it is kind of nice in a subtle way. It looks like it could be an O-Pee-Chee design.

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