2011 NFL set premiere: Donovan McNabb   2 comments

NFL 2011 Vikings Donovan McNabbThe NFL season has begun and it is time to start my shift to football cards for the next few months. There will still be many baseball cards but NFL cards will start to be more steady in my posts. This Donovan McNabb card is my template for my cards for the new football season. I worked through several variations of this card and settled on this for now but it could very well change before I start doing a lot of them.

I like everything on the card except for the name and team blocks. I like the color scheme alright; I try to get away from too much red, white and blue but I was trying to take the NFL logo colors and use them. I like the stripes but I think the color behind the name and team may be a little much. I am not quite sold on the font for the name either, it is looking a little plain right now. I really like how the pinstripes turned out and I really like the NFL logo and how I incorperated the year into the logo for the card. I thought I would simply call the set “NFL 2011.” I think my little football with the position is good as well; it will probably stay. I will have all cards in the set be landscape for now. It should make for a little nicer football cards I hope.

I started with McNabb mainly because he is on a new team and it is always cool to see a players card on a new team. He couldn’t lead the Vikings to a win today but still managed to throw for all of 39 yards against the Chargers. As a Chiefs fan it is nice to see a performance worse than the 41-7 bitch-whipping I had to endure on this opening weekend. So McNabb gets card #1 for now but a couple things might change and make this card absolute; I’ll come back to the design tomorrow or Tuesday and finish it then.

2 responses to “2011 NFL set premiere: Donovan McNabb

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  1. I think it looks very nice. As for the font on the name, perhaps something just a tad bit thicker? But I wouldn’t go too fancy…I’d hate to not be able to read it.

  2. Readability is the most important thing definitely but I think it might need a little more flair to it; maybe something with serifs. It is very frustrating when you can’t read the name of the player so you’ll never see me go too crazy on fonts.

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