Custom Card of the Day: Jeff Francoeur Rifleman; 1991 Score   2 comments

Jeff Francoeur 1991 Score Rifleman custom cardThis is a card I have wanted to do for a while now. I actually had a really difficult time finding a picture of Francoeur throwing. He has been a consistent threat to throw baserunners out from right field all year and it made me think back to this ugly 1991 subset from score. It is a horrible design. First of all; I hate cards that cut out the background for no reason. It is just a cheesy looking card. Like many retro cards they were so ugly they are kind of cool in a ridiculous way; I’m looking at you 1991 Fleer. So I wanted to give this card a whirl and it turned out alright. The green stripes in the background are off but it is at least close enough that anyone who knows the set will recognize it. Of course Alex Gordon has more assists than Francoeur so I’d like to do one of him as well. Even Melky Cabrera has been in the top 10 in outfield assists much of this year so if I can find appropriate pictures I might do one of all of them.

2 responses to “Custom Card of the Day: Jeff Francoeur Rifleman; 1991 Score

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  1. I like the “ugly designs” tag. Score sure had some awful looking cards around those years!

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