The timely exit of Kila Ka’aihue   Leave a comment

Kila Ka'aihue 1984 Donruss custom cardKila Ka’aihue was traded to the Oakland Athletics today. He will join David Dejesus and Coco Crisp who were Royals as recently as 2009.  Ka’aihue was esentially given the boot by the new face of the Royals, Eric Hosmer. Ka’aihue didn’t produce at the major league level despite killing it in AAA Omaha for about 3 years and Hosmer’s emergence sealed his fate with Billy Butler already in place as Kansas City’s DH.

What did the Royals get in return? It doesn’t matter. For the record it was a pitcher named Ethan Hollingsworth. The Royals basically needed him gone because there was nowhere for him to go (barring an injury) and the Kansas City fans had pretty much turned on him already. The question with Kila is; Did he get a fair chance in KC? He only played 26 games in 2011 for KC before getting sent down. 2011 brought his career total for games with the Royals to 87; hardy a great look for a prospect that tore up AAA. The clock was ticking on Kila however and he had his window; it was small but he had it. Good luck in Oakland Kila.

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