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So Melky Cabrera is gone. The Royals sent him to the coast for left handed pitchers Jonathan Sanchez (right) and Ryan Verdugo.  It looks like a good trade from my perspective. Sure Melky had a monster year last year batting .305 with 18 HR and 87 RBI including 201 base hits, but lets face it, that looks like a career year.  He was only under contract for one more season so its not like he was part of the long-term future of the team. He was a candidate to re-sign but with Lorenzo Cain and Wil Myers coming up fast in the Royals organization he was far from expendable.

Now Jonathan Sanchez is similar in the fact that he will soon be a free agent. Sanchez is a high strikeout/high walk guy that is sure to eat up a lot of innings. Who knows if he will be a candidate to re-sign or not but the fact is that with the addition of him it shows the Royals are going to try to win in 2012. Will They? Maybe not but at least they aren’t afraid to go for it at this point. They are closer than any season since about 1993 in my opinion to being a contender. Plus they got another left handed arm to add to a deep arsenal in Ryan Verdugo. Sanchez will help the rotation in 2012 under any circumstance unless he gets injured.

The most important thing about the trade may be what the Royals gave up. Did they give up a prospect? No. Did they give up a potential building block of the organization? No. They gave up a guy that we basically got for free on the free agent market last off-season. It was one of the best signings of that off-season but the team had little invested in him. This was a great trade for the Kansas City Royals.

New Kansas City Royals Pitcher Jonathan Sanchez Just Fair custom cardMelky Cabrera 1984 Donruss custom card

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