Kansas City Royals placemats…The complete set   4 comments

I posted some ramblings about these last month with some up close pictures. Here is a nice single picture of each year they did these.

The articles are can be found by clicking the “Royals Placemats” tag below the pictures.

1970s Kansas City Royals placemats1970s Kansas City Royals placemats

4 responses to “Kansas City Royals placemats…The complete set

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  1. I can’t really offer any information about the placemats, except I remember when they were released. I was in high school and got a couple of the 1978 ones, from a buddy that worked at Pizza Hut. I’m sure they’re still at my mom’s house…. somewhere. I think one had Herzog and Porter on it. I was a huge Darrell Porter fan. For some reason I was thinking they were put out for 3 years, but I only remember the eight shown. I think the “third year” were the set of 6 Royals drinking glasses that Pizza Hut/Pepsi also put out. (1979?)
    2 years ago I picked up 3 of the ’78 placemats at a card show in St. Louis from 2 different dealers. I think I paid $5 for the one with Brett on it and 3 or 4 dollars each for the other 2. I have been haunting eBay since then trying to find the remaining one. Ones which feature George Brett would appear from time to time but not the one I needed. I found a couple of “friends” that actually had the Al Cowens/Paul Splitorff one I was missing. Neither would sell, trade or barter, claiming they wanted to keep it in case they found the other ones to complete the set. During my search a set of the 1979 ones appeared on eBay. Much to my wife’s aggravation I purchased the set ($20 including S/H). I finally found the elusive placemat yesterday on eBay and won the auction. I overpaid ($20 including S/H) but was tired of the hunt and ready to start searching for other things. (Maybe the 3 glasses I’m missing.) I’m hoping the item arrives safe and sound in the next few days. I do have one recommendation for anyone that has the placemats, buy a thick plastic sleeve to put them in. The mats are approximately 11″ x 17″ and fit snugly in a sleeve that size. This will keep them cleaner and prevent any curling. (I paid $2.50 a piece for the sleeves at a card show last year.)
    Happy hunting!
    Go Royals!

  2. Thanks for the hunting story, I feel your pain. I spent about two years to get my first set (looking very actively) and gave them to my brother because he had them as a kid. I have since collected my own set thanks to a very fortunate auction find. I have the glasses set too. They are no where near as cool and the player choices were very suspect. I should do a post on them as well.
    Thanks again for the story.
    Go Royals!

  3. I have 2 78 splittorffs & 1 78 brett my friends neighbor was moving and I just happened to ask was there any sports stuff in that stuff your leaving behind …..the old lady said well I think there are some pizza hut place mats of the chiefs LOL they where the royals mats , there was 3 splitts 2 bretts my friend was like WOW can I have one each , I said sure but I might go buy them back of which he would sell to me if I really wanted them

    Randy stockstill
    • That is awesome! They are pretty cool, one of the best old Royals items I’ve seen. They aren’t worth a ton (maybe $10 each or so) but they are very cool to have.

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