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2012 Spring Training Royals: Irving Falu   Leave a comment

Irving Falu has spent a few years “one call away” now for the Kansas City Royals. He will likely never be a starting shortstop or second baseman in the big leagues over a long stretch but has the potential to be an excellent utility man. The Royals signed Yuniesky Betancourt over the offseason to fill that role so it looks like once again Falu will remain “one call away.” I am not a Yuni fan (like most Royals fans) so I hope Falu finds his way to the majors in 2012. I think he is a more adequate backup for the infield positions than Yuni defensively and that is typically what you want in a utility guy, not offense. Irving Falu 2012 Topps Spring Training custom card

2012 Spring Training Royals: Luke Hochevar   Leave a comment

Royals likely opening day starting pitcher Luke Hochevar.Luke Hochevar 2012 Topps Spring Training custom card

2012 Spring Training Royals: Mike Moustakas   Leave a comment

Mike Moustakas is the pivot point for the 2012 Kansas City Royals I believe. The success of the team this years i largely resting on his shoulders. The expectations are too high on a player like Eric Hosmer for the team’s success to depend on him, he is expected to have a good year. Mike Moustakas however had terrible struggles early last year before showing glimpses of the star Kansas City fans think he can become. If he can be a presence at the plate in 2012 it greatly increases the chances of the Royals being able to compete. Even if Moustakas struggles this year, just remember, last year’s opening day starting third baseman was Mike Aviles, and 2010 was Willie Bloomquist before that.

Mike Moustakas 2012 Topps Spring Training custom card

2012 Topps Spring Training Royals: Alcides Escobar   Leave a comment

So Alcides Escobar was locked down by the Royals today through at least 2015. I’ll just say this: I love this signing.Alcides Escobar 2012 Topps Spring Training custom card

2012 Topps Spring Training Royals: Salvador Perez   Leave a comment

Salvador Perez was injured yesterday and will require surgery. With Manuel Pina already injured that leaves on Brayan Pena on the Royals 40 man roster as a catcher. Both Pina and Perez will not be on the opening day roster now. The Royals will have to break camp with two catchers. Pena is sure to be one but the second catcher could be interesting. The Royals started camp with six catchers: Perez, Pina, Pena, Cody Clark, Max Ramirez and Julio Rodriguez. The last three being non-roster invitees. Max Ramirez has drawn some attention with his offense so far in spring training but I don’t think any of these players are a viable option for the opening day roster. Then, of course, there is always a veteran catcher in the Royals dugout who I believe hasn’t officially retired in Jason Kendall. Stranger things have happened.

The Royals traded for Matt Treanor last year just days before opening day. Look for them to do the same thing again. They could even trade for Treanor again! I think the Dodgers will want the verteran catcher to be on their roster however so I doubt it will be him. I think the Royals “backup” catcher on opening day plays for a different team right now. Manuel Pina would have been a brilliant option if he hadn’t gotten hurt in the first couple days of camp. Ivan Rodriguez is available as a good offensive option but I think the Royals would like to have a more pitcher friendly catcher and a cheaper one. It will be interesting to see what the team does.

I digress… Here is Sal’s spring training card.
Salvador Perez 2012 Topps Spring Training custom card

2012 Topps Spring Training Royals: Alex Gordon   Leave a comment

So Here is the first card from my 2012 Topps Royals spring training set. I chose Alex Gordon because he had a home run today and I had to start somewhere. Not being able to make it to Arizona to see spring training, I get ready for the season with this set. Since I’m not in Arizona I take spring training photos from various sources (they are difficult to come by) to make these cards. Among these are Around The Horn KC, KC Star and of course AP photos.  Without these sources these cards wouldn’t be possible so I am very grateful for them.

Stay tuned, many more of these to come…


2012 Royals Spring Training Card Set   Leave a comment