Major League Debut custom card: Irving Falu   4 comments

A huge congratulations is in order for longtime Royals minor leaguer Irving Falu on finally getting to the major league team. He made his Kansas City Royals and Major League debut on May 6, 2012 and got a triple in his first career at bat. I was pulling for Falu to be the Royals utility man in spring training but the team had signed veteran Yuniesky Betancourt to fill that roll. An injury to Betancourt allowed Falu the big opportunity and he made the most of it.


At A Hair Off Square that means a major league debut card, I have often called it my favorite set and it is still true. I love the card design and how exclusive the players on the cards are. Here is Irving Falu’s card.

Major League Debut custom card Irving Falu

4 responses to “Major League Debut custom card: Irving Falu

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  1. Cool action shot,I remember my first little league hit, it was a triple, one of my most thrilling memories.nice job with the design.

  2. I just saw the Storm Chasers a couple weeks ago while in Omaha for work, and Falu was definitely a crowd favorite. That said, it’s pretty sad what passes for almost MLB-ready that night between KC and Milwaukee AAA squads :/

    • Falu is doing well, he is the kind of guy fans root for. AAA teams are strange because they can be really spotty, sometimes very good and other times pathetic for being at that level. Hopefully there are a couple gems waiting to come up.

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