36 Greatest Royals of All-Time: Larry Gura   4 comments

Cool Larry Gura facts: Gura Finished in the top 10 in AL Cy Young voting 3 out of 4 years (1978, 1980, 1981) and won 10 or more games for 7 straight years for the Royals (1978-1984)

Royals Greats Larry Gura custom card

4 responses to “36 Greatest Royals of All-Time: Larry Gura

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  1. Man, I love these cards. I finally figured out what they remind me of: the late 80s “Star” baseball cards, like this: http://thewritersjourney.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/eric-the-red/

    • Yeah, I think you are on to something there, It’s odd how some of the ugliest cards can have a special place in your heart (I’m looking at you 1991 Fleer)

      It wasn’t intentional but I was going for that old style of cheap card like that. The Star cards are an excellent example.

  2. I always loved Larry Gura. He was my favorite. Every year I would think “this is the year he will (finally) win 20.” Of course he never did, but I still rooted for him. It seemed like he always had about 13 or 14 wins at the All-Star break and then never could reach 20 wins.

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