Northwest Arkansas Naturals set… Christian Colon custom card   Leave a comment

I’ve done a couple 1988 Topps custom cards lately and it just so happened that I stumbled across some good pictures several Northwest Arkansas Naturals players. I made one and tweaked the colors to get it where I liked it and things snowballed from there. It was as simple as the Northwest Arkansas Naturals facebook page having a lot of good pictures on it. It provided me with a place to pick up all the pictures without looking really hard as you often have to do with minor league pictures. So I got the templates ready and made a complete team set. Obviously a lot of players go through a AA team during the year so I didn’t get them all but I tried to get the core team.

I ended up with about a 25 card set, I plan on posting them in bunches over the next few day because I tend to lose interest and not post all the cards so I want to get them on the site quickly. So here is the first card, the card I started with actually… Christian Colon.

Christian Colon Naturals 1988 Topps custom card

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