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Alex Gordon was left out of the 2020 Topps set despite playing the entire season for the Royals. With the lack of rookies and new players it is baffling that Topps wouldn’t include him in at least the Update series that was released in November. So here is his card he didn’t get:

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  1. Topps makes absolutely moronic decisions with it’s player selections. Stephen Strasburg didn’t have a regular card in the Heritage set this year, so no card of him in the 1971 design. They had a Jeter card in this year’s archive set, but it was a design they previously used, when they could have had him in a 1974 card style, which he has never been depicted in yet.

    I was specifically looking for a 2020 Alex Gordon Topps card because I collect the final Topps card of players who have played their entire career with one team, and where that career lasted more than 10 years. I guess the 2019 one will have to suffice unless they include a card in 2021? Still, Gordon is a guy, who although vastly underperforming his contract, still played his entire career with the Royals, won several gold gloves including one in 2020!, and played on a championship team. Topps, for all it’s tradition, has lately abandoned tradition when it comes to card selection. I’d be very upset if I was a Royal’s fan.

    Your replacement card for Gordon is a nice one. You and I should work for Topps. They people they hire for this job simply don’t get it.

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