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1983 Topps Billy Butler autographed custom card   4 comments

1983 Topps Billy Butler autographed custom card

1983 Topps Royals: Johnny Giavotella   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Johnny Giavotella custom card

1983 Topps Royals: Manny Pina   5 comments

1983 Topps Royals Manny Pina custom card

1983 Topps Royals: Salvador Perez   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Salvador Perez custom cardSalvador Perez has been fun to watch so far this year. He has hit better than expected since his call-up and his defense has been good(as expected.) I’m guessing he will inherit the starting catching job next year as he has it right now. He is still young and that might be a concern working with pitchers and controlling the game. I say put him in the lineup until he proves he can’t be the starting catcher at this point. Manny Pina appears to be a good second option for a young catcher.

The Royals have had Jason Kendall and Matt Treanor on the team to provide experience in managing the younger pitchers. Treanor was traded and Kendall won’t catch any next year so it could be Perez and Pina. Brayan Pena is a good backup but really hasn’t shown the ability to be a starting catcher in the big leagues, he is a good second catcher thought. It remains to be seen what the team will do with Pena in 2012.

This continues my 1983 Topps Royals set for every player on the 2011 team. I was caught up soon after the Moustakas callup but now am a few cards behind. I plan to get them posted before the end of the season. Hopefully some more new faces will be appearing as well.

1983 Topps Royals: Mike Moustakas and Everett Teaford   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Mike Moustakas1983 Topps Royals Everett Teaford

I’m done! This is the last of my 1983 Royals Topps set. I have posted a 1983 Topps card for every person to appear on the Royals 25 man roster this year. It is currently a total of 34 cards. With the trade deadline approaching I’m sure this set will need expanded on, I can’t wait to add Lorenzo Cain and Johnny Giavotella. Until that happens, the set is complete.

1983 Topps Royals: Alex Gordon and Jeff Francis   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Alex Gordon1983 Topps Royals Jeff Francis

1983 Topps Royals: Louis Coleman, Danny Duffy and Brayan Pena   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Brayan Pena

1983 Topps Royals Louis Coleman1983 Topps Royals Danny Duffy