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Custom Card of the Day: Shane Battier Jump Shot 2011-2012   1 comment

Shane Battier Jump Shot custom cardHere is another custom card request. I don’t dabble in basketball much so this was a little different. My goal was to not only design a basketball card but to finish the complete card in a half hour. This took about 35 minutes between doing the logos and everything. I like the way it turned out, it is a design I would tweak more but it works. I came up with a nonsense name for the card brand to give it a custom card feel, however dorky it is, it is what I came up with.

The card’s color scheme is obviously taken from the team’s logo. This would be consistent for the other cards if I were to do more, I will probably do one or two more just for fun and to explore the color schemes. I’m not sold on what I did with the name block on the bottom, It looks a little clunky to me but this is exactly why I tried to give myself a time frame for making the card design. Any suggestions for another NBA player to do?