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1985 Champions: Kansas City Royals signed Sports Illustrated   2 comments

This is the jewel of my collection. As a Royals fan it is hard to image one single item being much more cool than this. I’m up to 17 autographs by the championship team on this cover from when they won it all in 1985. The most recent additions were Danny Jackson and Darryl Motley. Before that it was Frank White and Hal McRae that got added to the mix.

I struck gold when I picked this up at an estate sale a couple years ago already having several of the really hard to find Royals players on it… like George Brett, Bret Saberhagen and Steve Balboni. Sadly the one signature it will never have is Dan Quisenberry. The two most notable names missing now are Mark Gubicza and Jim Sundberg. I guess I really need the Angels and Rangers to come to KC to pick those up. Enjoy!

Autographed 1985 Royals championship Sports Illustrated:

Autographed 1985 Royals championship Sports Illustrated: Here is a rough guide from left to right, top to bottom of signatures: Willie Wilson, Greg Pryor, Steve Balboni, George Brett, Jamie Quirk, John Wathan, Dick Howser, Buddy Biancalana, Darryl Motley, Charlie Leibrandt, Dennis Leonard, Bud Black, Bret Saberhagen, Hal McRae, Danny Jackson, Mike Jones, Frank White

36 Greatest Royals of All-Time: Charlie Leibrandt   2 comments

Royals Greats Charlie Leibrandt custom card

Cool Charlie Leibrandt fact: Finished 5th in the AL in Cy Young voting in 1985 (teammate Bret Saberhagen won the Cy Young) He had a career highs in wins (17) and ERA (2.69) in helping the Royals win the World Series.