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Kansas City Royals Postseason Highlights Game 7: Mike Moustakas   1 comment

Mike Moustakas Postseason Highlights custom card for game 7 of the Royals playoff run.

2013 Just Fair: Lorenzo Cain   Leave a comment

Lorenzo Cain 2013 Just Fair custom card

2012 Spring Training Royals: Irving Falu   Leave a comment

Irving Falu has spent a few years “one call away” now for the Kansas City Royals. He will likely never be a starting shortstop or second baseman in the big leagues over a long stretch but has the potential to be an excellent utility man. The Royals signed Yuniesky Betancourt over the offseason to fill that role so it looks like once again Falu will remain “one call away.” I am not a Yuni fan (like most Royals fans) so I hope Falu finds his way to the majors in 2012. I think he is a more adequate backup for the infield positions than Yuni defensively and that is typically what you want in a utility guy, not offense. Irving Falu 2012 Topps Spring Training custom card