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2011 Mustangs Season Highlights: Cody Cunningham   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Cody Cunningham Season HighlightsThe Mustangs amazingly had two complete game no-hitters in 2011. Cody Cunningham tossed the first of the two great games. He threw his in Omaha against a good Omaha Diamond Spirit team early in the season.

The Mustangs stayed alive in the NBC World Series by knocking out the team from Derby, KS on Friday. They scored 2 runs in the top of the 9th inning to break a tied score and win 3-2. The Mustangs pitching is the reason that they are where they are in this tournament. Friday’s game was no exception, Kyle Jackson tossed a great, going 8 innings and only surrendering two runs while picking up a big win.

The Mustangs play on Sunday in another must-win situation. The Mustangs battle the Hutchison Kansas Monarchs at 10:30 in the morning. I don’t know who is starting for the Mustangs but it very well could be Cody Cunningham, the first three games were started by Huett-Maddox-Jackson.

2011 Mustangs Season Highlights: Kris Koerper   1 comment

2011 Mustangs Kris Koerper Season HighlightsHere is the first of a few “Season Highlights” cards I made for the 2011 Mustangs season. This one if for Kris Koerper who was serenaded on his birthday with the crowd singing to him led by Mustangs general manager Rick Muntean. Koerper responded by hitting an absolute bomb to left center field for a 3-run homer. It may not have been a big moment for the team and their playoff chances but it was one of those cool moments that I will certainly remember from 2011 at Phil Welch Stadium. If you are keeping track this makes 3 cards of Koerper in my 2011 set.

The Mustangs have won their first game of the NBC World Series in Wichita. They defeated the Plaza Tire Capahas 7-3 behind Jayson Huett’s strong start. Jordan Guida drove in 2 runs as the Mustangs jumped out to a 7-0 lead early. They play again on Wednesday at 5pm with Adam Maddox making his first start since his no-hitter.

2011 Mustangs Award Winners Part 2: Brent Seifert and Jayson Huett   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Brent Seifert Award Winners2011 Mustangs Jayson Huett Award Winners

Brent Seifert was a slam dunk for Player of the Year. He batted .353 in league games this year with 2 homers, 3 triples, an eye-popping 23 doubles and drove in 35 runs in just 43 games. Seifert was also great in the field, he consistently made good plays at both third base and second base for the team. If it weren’t for Peter Barrows’ huge year for the Nevada Griffons I think Seifert would have been the player of the year for the entire MINK League.

Jayson Huett had a very good season. He started 6 games and went 4-0 with a 1.82 ERA. In my mind he had some stiff competition for the Pitcher of the Year award. I have narrowed it down to 4 major candidates. They are Jayson Huett, Adam Maddox, Cody Cunningham and Doug Shields. The first three players are starting pitchers and Doug Shields served as the team’s closer. Maddox had slightly better numbers than Huett but was padded by his no-hitter late in the year that happened after the Pitcher of the Year award was announced. Cunningham had a slightly higher ERA than Maddox and Huett and also had a no-hitter to propel his stats into contention. Of the three starters, I think Huett was the correct choice for the award given that Maddox’s no-hitter came after the award was given so it really didn’t count in this case.

Then there is Doug Shields. Shields came in for the Mustangs and closed out many tight affairs without being hit much at all. His sidearm delivery and great breaking pitches made him extremely hard to hit late in the game. His stats were 3-1 record, 0.62 ERA with 9 saves. The ERA is almost invisible and the 3 wins are a big number for a reliever who pitched in only 20 games. All things considered, I think Shields would be my pick for pitcher of the year for the 2011 Mustangs. Huett pitched great and deserved the award but when the game was on the line in the late innnings the Mustangs constantly called on Shields, and he came through in a big way.

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2011 Mustangs Jayson HuettI’m not sure who is starting for the Mustangs yet tonight but my guess is either Adam Maddox or Mustangs 2011 pitcher of the year Jayson Huett. Huett put together a great season to win the pitcher of the year award among stiff competition on the team. Adam Maddox, Andrew Polly, Cody Cunningham, Doug Shields, Ben Baker, Cody Lane, Kyle Hassna among others all had at least respectable years.

I think the pitching is the major difference for the team this year. Last year the team had Ryan Hook and Johnny Coy to bolster the offense but the pitching wasn’t near as good. The pitching is the reason this team has a great shot to make a run deep in the tournament in Wichita this year.

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2011 Mustang sAndrew NellesteinAndrew Nellestein didn’t play Monday night, the local catcher doesn’t see a lot of time with TJ Daily and Landinn Eckhart ahead of him at the position. The Mustangs did win 7-1 thanks to a strong start by Jayson Huett and two doubles by Brent Seifert. Seifert drove in 3 runs on those two hits. It seems he always gets hits with runners in scoring postition. Huett got the win and is now 3-0 with an impressive 2.13 ERA.

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The St. Joe Mustangs took the field with an 8-2 record on the June 11th game against the Nevada Griffons. Both of the Mustangs losses have come at the hands of Nevada. The Mustangs would go on to win 8-3 and even their season series against the Griffons to 2-2 and improve their overall record to 9-2. The attendance for the game was a season high 3176.

Center fielder Cameron Bentley impressed with a 4-4 performance with 2 runs scored. Brent Seifert was at third for the first home game I have attended this year. He looks to have slimmed down since last year and was almost physically unrecognizable. Seifert would drive in a run on a RBI triple early in the game. Starting pitcher Jayson Huett would pitch into the 7th inning and leave to a nice ovation from a big crowd after a solid performance. He pitched 6 2/3 innings while scattering 7 hits and 2 runs and striking out 6.

It was fitting that Huett would get the start on Saturday. It was “Bearcat Night” in honor of Northwest Missouri State University, the college that Huett attends. The Mustangs donned green jerseys that were auctioned off at a silent auction during the game. The team also wore red hats in honor of Scott Bostwick, the Northwest football coach that recently passed away before ever getting to coach his first game for the team as a Head Coach. Bostwick had been the defensive coordinator for the past several years and always wore a red hat on the sidelines so his players on the field could easily see him in the crowd of green on the Northwest sideline.

The Mustangs wearing green in honor of "Bearcat Night"

The Mustangs wearing green in honor of "Bearcat Night."