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2011 St. Joe Mustangs Season Highlights: Johnny Coy   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Johnny Coy Highlights

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2011 Mustangs Brent SeifertI have made no secrets of how much Brent Seifert has impressed me as a baseball player. Tonight he was named the teams most valuable player for the year which was really a given. His performance this year has only been surpassed by the Nevada Griffons’ Peter Barrows. The Mustangs defeated Nevada 3-1 in a great pitching duo between the leagues ERA champion for 2011 Steve Kuligowski of Nevada and the Mustangs’ Adam Maddox. Kuligowski entered the game with a 0.97 ERA and would give up two runs to see it balloon to 1.11. Barrows did not play and I’m not sure why. Seifert did play and once again was a big contributor for St. Joe. On a side note it was General Manager Rick Muntean’s birthday so a big happy birthday to him.

Seifert went a pedestrian 1-4 but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I remember two of Seifert’s outs being hammered, one very deep into the left center gap but was run down by the Griffons center fielder. Seifert’s one hit was a triple with no runners on, he would score on a wild pitch soon after to make the game 3-1 as Doug Sheilds once again closed the game out.

Speaking of closing the game out; Brent Seifert recorded the putout on the final play. It was no average 5-3 ground ball. The ball was hammered down the third base line by the potential tying run. Seifert ranged to his right and made a diving stop, gathered himself and threw a strike to first base to end the game and regular season.Win to Maddox, loss to Kuligowski.

Forget Johnny Coy St. Joe; Brent Seifert is the best player to ever put on a Mustangs uniform.

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2011 Mustangs Brock ChaffinBrock Chaffin appears to be the “replacement” for Johnny Coy who recently was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. Chaffin and Koerper are the teams first basemen and appear to have the necessary power to fill that role. From the games I have seen, it looks like Chaffin is the primary first baseman and Koerper is the primary designated hitter.

Brock Chaffin had a bin RBI double tonight in the top of the 8th inning to tie the game at 6-6 against Joplin. The game is still active as I write this but either Chaffin had a very big hit to allow this game to go to extra innings. As of the 10th inning Chaffin is 3-4 with a walk and a run and at least one RBI that Pointstreak is not displaying for some reason.