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2011 St. Joe Mustangs cards: Cody Cunningham   4 comments

2011 Mustangs Cody Cunningham cardThis is the premier of my 2011 original design for the St. Joseph Mustangs cards. Originally I had planned to wait until further in the season to start posting these cards but I had one card made and it just happens that that one player I had a card for had a huge day. Apparently Mustangs starting pitcher Cody Cunningham threw a no-hitter tonight against the Omaha Diamond Spirit in Omaha. I would have killed to see a Mustangs no-hitter at Phil Welch Stadium. It was the first official game of the Mustangs season and it is hard to believe it could have started any better. A big congratulations goes out to Cody Cunningham.

Cunningham threw 124 pitches with 80 strikes, 4 walks and 2 strikeouts. Thanks to Andrew DeWitt on twitter for the info.