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2011 Royals Futures Game: Danny Duffy and Louis Coleman   2 comments

Royals Futures Game Danny DuffyRoyals Futures Game Louis Coleman

Here are a couple more re-posts of my futures game cards. These two who pitched for Omaha in that game in early April wouldn’t have to wait very long before returning to Kansas City.

Mike Moustakas 2011 Royals Futures Game custom card   Leave a comment

Royals Futures Game Mike MoustakasMany times I feel like I post things on my site too quickly and people don’t have a chance to find them. I like keeping up a high turnover on the site so there is something new hopefully almost every time a visitor comes to my site. Because of this I feel like some of my cards get overlooked.

I dug out this Mike Moustakas card to post today because lets face it, everything is about Mike Moustakas right now. I have done this a couple times so far I might make it a regular feature, call it “flashback” or “In Case You Missed It.”

This card of Moose is from the Royals futures game on April 2nd 2011 at Kauffman Stadium. I attended the game an was likely more excited for it than any Royals game in a very long time. I made a complete set to commemorate the game. It is another original design, I will re-post several of these in the coming weeks.