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Custom Card of the Day: Brittany Schutte and Kelsey Bruder 2011 Topps   4 comments

Brittany Schutte 2011 ToppsKelsey Bruder 2011 ToppsHere is a new one for your custom card of the day. These two ladies play for the University of Florida. I did these as a custom card request. I loved the challenge and think they turned out good as well. I had some reservations about some subtle changes like making the ball the color of a softball, it looks a little weird on the card is all. It provides a bit of a strange background for the Gators logo as well.

Just to let it be known; custom card requests are always welcome. I have done a couple and have really enjoyed doing them. Often my biggest problem is deciding what to do with my custom cards. It also gets me out of ruts I feel. Sometimes I feel like all I do is the same Royals or St. Joe Mustangs stuff so this is nice to break the monotony.