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1983 Topps Joakim Soria

Here’s one I am pretty damn proud of. 1983 Topps was a great design. A great clean looking card, one of only a few sets to use and inset picture on the front of the card. I like the colors as well a nice mixture of light blue and a purplish blue with plenty of white to balance it out. The inset picture is normally something I don’t like much. I don’t like the 1984 Topps design near as much as the 83 design. It had the inset picture as well but it was square along with square lettering and led to a very clunky looking card. In contrast, 1983 Topps is a smooth design. Another interesting thing about this set is that the mugshot picture varied on different cards; it would sometimes be on the left and sometimes be on the right.

I have used Soria as my model for many of the card designs because he is a Royal and will be a Royal for at least a little longer it appears. I knew Zack was on the way and didn’t use him, and there are plenty of nice pictures of Soria as well. He is also one of my favorite all-time Royals. I saw him in person when he had his really good stuff and it was one of the impressive things I have ever seen on a baseball field.

Overall, good pictures, good looking card and a really impressive result. Look for a complete “2010 Royals Roster” set for 1983 Topps like I did with the 1980 set.

Posted December 23, 2010 by VocalsOnTop in Random Royals

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