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I have posted several cards on the site and it is about time I posted about music.

Cracker is a band that is criminally under-rated. They have a strong following, appropriately called crumbs. They are a fiercely loyal fanbase that keeps the band moving forward. David Lowery is the lead singer and has a great worpress blog: 300 Songs It is great for any music fan, whether they like Cracker or not. I strongly encourage anyone to read the blog and especially buy the records associated with the band.

The core of Cracker is David Lowery, also of Camper Van Beethoven, and Johnny Hickman. Johnny is one of the more approachable musicians I have ever met, David is a little more distant. Johnny has always been willing and excited to talk to fans from my experiences.They are a great live band and are worth the money every time.

Cracker - Govt. Issue cd cover

Cracker put out a self released greatest hits sometime in 2010. I was able to pick it up and get it autographed at a show in Kansas City in July.

What’s missing from this picture? Johnny Hickman’s signature. That is Camper Van Beethoven guitarist Greg Lisher’s signature in the bottom right hand corner. Johnny wasn’t at the show and Greg filled in admirably. It wasn’t quite the same without Johnny but it still was a great show. Signatures from the top left read: Sal Maida, Frank Funaro, David Lowery and Greg Lisher.

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