Jake Delhomme 1981 Topps; an unfair legacy   Leave a comment

Jake Delhomme 1981 Topps

A snapshot of a dwindling career: Jake Delhomme in 2010 with the Cleveland Browns.

I am a Jake Delhomme fan. He has a ton of haters though. He is at a point in his career where he is barely relevant and it is sad in many ways. Delhomme started his pro career in NFL Europe after not getting drafted. He made the Saints roster later and became the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He was good for the Panthers despite being widely hated by their fan base after an ugly playoff loss and final season in Carolina.

The fan base seemed to turn on him quickly and I have even read that one sportswriter called him the worst player in the NFL earlier this year. He is interception proned, this is largely the reason for much of the hatred toward him. How many? 101 over the course of about a dozen years. That number seems big but he also threw 125 touchdowns during that period. Also, he threw for over 20,000 yards during that time.

Delhomme took that 2003 season by storm for the Panthers. He took over for Rodney Peete in the first game of  the season and ended up in the Super Bowl. They lost to New England (coughcheaterschough) Delhomme in that game? 16-of-33, 323 yards, 3 TDs, no picks and a 113.6 passer rating.

He may play on but the noteworthy part of his career is far behind him. I don’t agree with what Jake Delhomme’s legacy will be but it seems all but certain.  Just remember if anyone ever asks you who threw the longest touchdown in a Super Bowl, it was Delhomme to Mushin Muhammad for 85 yards.


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