Gil Meche retires   1 comment

Gil Meche will always be a very noteworthy Royal. The Royals were laughed at when they signed him to one of the larger deals in that off-season. Over the next couple of years everybody seemed to think this was a much better signing than originally thought. It seems this is one of the few big free agent contracts the Royals got right.

Meche retired today citing his recent injuries. This makes a lot of sense. He was relegated to the bullpen because his arm couldn’t hold up and he was at the end of his career anyway it would have appeared. I was always a fan of Gil Meche and I am very glad he put on a Kansas City uniform. Here are a couple of Gil Meche cards to honor him.

Gil Meche 1984 Donruss

Gil Meche 1984 Donruss

Gil Meche 1980 Topps

Gil Meche 1980 Topps

Posted January 18, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Random Royals

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