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Aaron Crow 2011 ToppsAaron Crow is a local guy for Kansas City. He grew up nearby and went to college nearby at Mizzou. Crow is one of eight bullpen guys left trying to get five spots. The eight players are Kanekoa Texeira, Luis Mendoza, Jeremy Jeffress, Robert Fish, Aaron Crow, Tim Collins, Louis Coleman and Nate Adcock.

I do not think Aaron Crow will make the team. He has pitched well this spring but still won’t make the opening day rosters. He will join fellow hopefuls Mike Montgomery, Everett Teaford, Danny Duffy and others in minor league camp soon. The only evidence I see to go against this is that Crow has now been stretched out to start games which is presumably what he would be doing if he were to go back to the minor leagues.

Of the eight players three will be out, I have singled Crow out as one of my predicted cuts. My other two projected cuts are Robert Fish and Louis Coleman. I think that Fish won’t make the cut because it would be difficult to have two Rule 5 bullpen guys on the same roster. A Rule 5 guy means that you have to keep them on the roster all year. The other Rule 5 pick is Nate Adcock who I believe will make the team and stay on the team. Louis Coleman won’t make the cut simply because he is young and there is no need to rush him to the big leagues.

Jeffress and Collins are locks along with Soria, Tejada and O’Sullivan. The other three predictions and just educated guesses for me. Adcock has been very impressive and will make it unless he takes a major turn for the worse in the next week. Mendoza and Texeira both pitched in Kansas City last year so I believe they will inherit a bullpen role in many ways until they prove they don’t belong there.

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