2011 Topps Kanekoa Texeira, Robinson Tejada and Brandon Sisk   2 comments

Brandon Sisk 2011 ToppsRobinson Tejada 2011 Topps

Kanekoa Texeira 2011 Topps


I am cleaning up the bullpen today with my custom cards. Here we have one player out, one player on the bubble and one player in. Tejada was a lock from when camp broke, Sisk was always a long shot. Both of these players already have their fates sealed for opening day. Kanekoa Texeira is a different story. He pitched for Kansas City last year so he has some major league experience. This is my primary reason for giving him the edge in the competition for the 2011 bullpen. I still have a couple bullpen cards left to put up but these are the majority, I am still missing a couple guys that could have some big league cards this year.

Posted March 23, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in 2011 Topps Royals

2 responses to “2011 Topps Kanekoa Texeira, Robinson Tejada and Brandon Sisk

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  1. I’m really interested in getting that Kanekoa Texeira Topps card.
    How can I get one? Are you selling them? let me know…
    email me if you can…

  2. Unfortunately I can’t sell them. I didn’t take the picture and I don’t own the rights to it. If you’d like you can print one at home, the heavier paper you can get through your printer the better to simulate what a real card feels like.

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