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Wilson Betemit 2011 Topps custom cardWilson Betemit is a great player for the Royals right now. He is likely not bound to be in Kansas City much longer but his bat is a nice option to have whether he is in the lineup or coming off the bench. He could be playing a lot of third base this year if the Royals decide Chris Getz is not cutting it offensively.  If Getz goes to Omaha, Aviles would shift from third to second and Betemit would start at third, at least until Mike Moustakas is called up.

I like Betemit but I think he will end the year elsewhere. I see the Royals making space for prospects on the roster at the trade deadline this year. I think a couple good players will be moved with marginal returns simply because there won’t be enough room when the prospects get to Kansas City. This list of players to be moved could include: Betemit, Tejada and most importantly Ka’aihue. I also think Clint Robinson could be moved but not before the trade deadline, it could be next offseason.

My prediction is that the following players will be traded by July 31:

Wilson Betemit

Robinson Tejada

Melky Cabrera not Ka’aihue or Francouer.

I think Ka’aihue will stay with the Royals and Hosmer gets moved to right field and Francoeur will simply not have enough value to get much in return, his value will be greater as “clubhouse guy” on what will be a very young team come September. Betemit will be moved as a bench guy for a playoff contender and get a spot start now and then. Tejada will serve a prominent role for a playoff contender as a late inning guy, most likely the Yankees or Red Sox. Cabrera will go the way of Rick Ankiel and be a low risk rental player for an outside contender.


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