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Sam Fuld 1991 FleerI decided the Royals cards were getting a little stale and I need to force myself to vary brands and teams a little bit. So I decided to turn on baseball tonight and feature the player that was the star of the first highlight that I watched. It was Rays at the White Sox and Juan Pierre is up with the bases loaded. My first thought was; “Oh no.” Juan Pierre is one of my most hated players in the majors and I really didn’t want to feature him on a custom card on my site.  Pierre hits a deep drive to right field and Sam Fuld makes a diving catch that is likely the best play I have seen so far this baseball season. His head-first dive to catch the ball was on a dead run and landed him on the warning track.

Who is Sam Fuld? He is a young player that has played parts of two season with the Chicago Cubs before joining the Rays this year. He has a whopping one long ball and five runs batted in in his major league career. I’m sure this catch was the highlight of his career so far. He will have the distinction now of being my first “Custom Card of the Day.”

I chose 1991 Fleer to feature because in some ways I think it is an awful card design, but that some how makes it kind of cool. The striking yellow makes the card stand out in any collection and the design is simple, really simple. I made Billy Butler as my first card of this set but as I mentioned I want to post some cards other than Royals.

I would like to do a “Custom Card of the Day” often from now on as I have a strong catalog of card designs re-created at this point. I will try to do odd players like Sam Fuld and less of players like Albert Pujols. I hate the Yankees so don’t expect to see many of them.

Posted April 9, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Custom Card of the Day

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