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Jonathan Broxton 1980 Donruss

Yes, 1980 Donruss; the set that never was.

Jonathan Broxton was on a highlight last night so I decided to feature him today. The most interesting part of this post however is that the card design is 1980 Donruss, a set that doesn’t exist. Apparently this is a legitimate design. Donruss released two sample cards in 1980 of Reggie Jackson and George Brett. The court ruling that allowed Donruss to release a set didn’t conclude until time for the 1981 set. But this awful design is left behind.

The card is terrible in my opinion. I found it to be even worse when searching for a picture of Broxton to put in the design. The top ribbon is so big that it covered part of Broxton in the first several photos I picked out. Even this picture doesn’t comfortably fit. So I will deem 1980 Donruss a set that thankfully never was produced.

Posted April 10, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Custom Card of the Day

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